Permaflor BE Range

BE Range


The Permaflor BE panel uses an encapsulated construction of galvanised steel, bonded to both surfaces. It features a protective ABS edge-band and is available with a bonded vinyl surface finish. Permaflor BE offers improved handling and manoeuvrability throughout installation, yet retains the strength and robustness of traditional steel encased panels.

The full-depth edge-banding provides improved tightness of fit between adjoining panels, giving a firm air tight seal for an air plenum. As well as non-standard sizes, a wide range of factory-bonded surface finishes can be applied to the BE range, including carpet, timber and ceramics.

Galvanised steel bonded to both surfaces
ABS edge-band with raked sides for easier fitting
Anti-static vinyl surfaced option
Bespoke factory-bonded finishes available
Reduced air leakage

be-range-edge-banded-large               Panel-2b-300x205